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Who doesn’t love Personalized slippers? Men, women, kids- pups especially love slippers (but maybe for different reasons.) One of the wonderful qualities of sheepskin slippers is that they are comfortable to wear year-round. Sheepskin continues cool in the summertime and warm in the winter- just ask a sheep. But how will you wear your chosen footwear without putting on them out? Lengthen the life span of your slippers and keep them comfy and clean with these basic techniques for cleaning and care of sheepskin slippers.

THE THING YOU NEED with Personalized slippers:

  • Sink
  • Towel
  • Slipper hair shampoo (non-enzyme water soaps only)
  • Clean brush manufactured from brass, nylon, or nubuck
  • Suede-cleaning eraser or suede stone
  • Wire brush (optional)


Utilizing a water-based weather protector on a suede upper will help prevent slippers from absorbing discolorations or being broken by dirt and grime and water. Try Water Shield (Multi Care and attention Product Group)”

Keep in mind that it’s important to clean Personalized slippers when they’re stained, so the stain doesn’t placed. You may spot-clean the suede leather outside of the slipper, or palm clean the sheepskin lining. Do not put slippers in the cleaning or drying out machine. You’ll be sad should you choose. Read more.


  • Clean leather upper with damp, gentle cloth (no soap.)
  • Air dry (away from sun and blowing wind.)
  • Spot-clean by using a clean brush manufactured from brass, nylon bristle, or nubuck.
  • Delicately remove scuff markings and dirt and grime with suede-cleaning eraser or suede rock.


  • Hand rinse for best results, machine clean not recommended!
  • Fill sink with lukewarm drinking water, add slipper hair shampoo.
  • Test small part of slipper with dime-sized amount of hair shampoo (use non-enzyme water soaps only.)
  • Using your hands, soft towel or super very soft brush, carefully scrub slippers.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Gone excess water by wrapping slippers in a towel, or casually patting.
  • Let slippers air dried up. Don’t place slippers in sunlight, this might reduce them.
  • USUALLY DO NOT put slippers in the dryer.
  • For extra care, brush hair out when slippers are dried out using a line brush.

Personalized slippers have proven their value in even more extreme conditions. Since 1982, they may have accompanied NASA astronauts into space, logging more than 500,000,000 mls in zero gravity.

Starting out as a tiny cottage business, today Quinn’s diverse line of footwear warms toes around the world. With each slipper supplying a combo of indoor-outdoor, weather-ready features, you can make certain there can be an slipper exquisite for your unique travel needs: whether boarding an aircraft with the Sheepskin-lined Travel Footwear, appearing from a tent into the biting Nepal wind or jogging to the end of the driveway to get the email in the traditional Personalized slippers, or even just resting your ft by the fireplace with the Shearling Slipper. More details in site: https://slippercove.com/best-sheepskin-slippers/